Discuss the Ending. What’s your theory?

There are some great theories out there about the ending. The filmmakers have a theory, but love to hear audience conclusions. All endings are valid!

3 Responses to "What happens at the end?"
  1. Looks like an Out of Body experience until he goes back and digs up Clyde. No more ole in his head though. Maybe he’s dead?

  2. Perhaps he is dead but some part of his persona fused with Clyde and exists in the Cloud? Or maybe he did survive.

    A short review i wrote:

    Dark Road: Its 2029, seven States have seceded from the US including the new Free State of Jefferson, consisting of Northern California and Southern Oregon. Jefferson is doing bad economically, only cash is accepted in bars. Its a Libertarian State which suggests the other six which make up The Free Independent States of America may also be so.

    An army veteran heads home to the Free State, he is a Cyborg in so far as he is attached to a removable AI called Clyde. Looking for work he runs into a woman who is having problems with her Ex and is soon her bodyguard and lover. But is she a femme fatale? There is also a strange drug involved and even a suggestion of the Occult.

    AI, Secesion and Chandleresque PI tropes mix in this film which bears some superficial resemblance to Blade Runner. SF Noir. 7/10.


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